Your permanent teeth were designed to last a lifetime, but there are accidents and injuries that often make our teeth susceptible to damage. A cracked tooth is one of the most common injuries that occurs to people’s teeth. A cracked or fractured tooth occurs when the tooth enamel receives too much pressure or stress and cracks. Many times, small cracks in the teeth go unnoticed or they do not require immediate treatment. Your dentist will want to keep an eye on these cracks and evaluate them at each appointment to make sure that they are not causing further damage. However, any time a cracked tooth becomes painful, it should be addressed right away with general dentistry.

At Winding Ridge Dentistry in Indianapolis, we offer specific treatment for extraordinary cracked tooth repair. Early detection of a cracked tooth is critical for complete repair, and visiting the dentist is the best method of early diagnosis. Dr. Sulaiman Shaltoni can often seal a crack with a filling material in order to repair the tooth and prevent the crack from worsening. For other, more serious, cracks a root canal procedure will be necessary to protect the tooth and entire mouth. A tooth with a severe crack will not heal on its own, which is why it is imperative that you visit the dentist for the evaluation and treatment of a cracked tooth. Contact Winding Ridge Dentistry for trusted cracked tooth repair.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Winding Ridge Dentistry offers excellent repairs to damaged teeth. We provide comprehensive treatment to repair the damaged teeth, natural looking repairs, and any further treatment to prevent infection or damage from spreading to neighboring teeth. Your mouth provides multiple functions that you simply cannot live without, and it is essential that any oral health care concerns be addressed in a timely manner and with expert care. Contact Winding Ridge Dentistry today to schedule an appointment for repairs to any of your damaged teeth.