Dental fillings are a cosmetic dental treatment used to reestablish the function, integrity, and structure of a tooth that has suffered decay. Cavities are the leading cause for dental fillings, and millions of American receive fillings each year. Thanks to the advancement of dentistry, composite fillings are now available as the ideal solution for restoring a tooth. Traditional fillings were made of amalgam, but new dental fillings are created from composite resins that mimic the appearance of the natural teeth. Winding Ridge Dentistry provides complete and comprehensive dental health care services to the residents of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Dr. Sulaiman Shaltoni is proud to use composite fillings as the standard in tooth repair. This material allows fillings to be virtually undetectable in the mouth while still providing the necessary benefits of treatment.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite fillings are created from a tooth colored plastic and glass mixture known as resin, which is used to restore decayed teeth. Composite resin is also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping a chipped or malformed tooth. Winding Ridge Dentistry is proud to provide composite fillings to all of our patients. This dental treatment allows patients to receive inconspicuous dental fillings that are both patient friendly and beneficial. While amalgam fillings have been used for years as an effective tooth restorative material, they are very noticeable in the mouth and some people are very sensitive to the mercury found in amalgam. Dr. Sulaiman Shaltoni is highly trained and offers expert restoration of a decayed tooth through composite fillings. Contact Winding Ridge Dentistry today to have your cavity filled with a tooth colored filling.